Infant Boy Clothing

You are getting ready to give birth to a baby boy and everything is already set up. The baby’s room is prepared with the crib and you’ve received lots of toys, clothes, and useful items from the baby shower. However, the one thing you can never have enough of is clothes that will last your baby a while. When it comes to choosing infant boy clothing, you need to keep not only your personal preference in mind but also other conditions such as weather and what your baby will need to be comfortable.The first major decision you have to make when buying infant boy clothing is what your color scheme will be. Ideally you’ll want to have his clothes be the same color scheme and mix and match as little as possible. This will make it easier to design new outfits from the same clothes. Brighter colors may be preferable to dull ones because that will make the child easier to see and they are also more appealing to the eye. They also tend to not stain as easily, which is very important because your new baby won’t be able to help but be messy.Fabric and other materials that go into infant boy clothing should also factor into what clothes you buy. Heavy materials are great for winter but be sure that if you are buying heavy garments for your baby that you aren’t wrapping him up too much in blankets too. A baby can overheat and you should avoid that. Light fabrics such as cotton are good for summer clothing because not only are they not as hot they also let the baby’s skin breathe. While dress clothes are nice for special occasions, don’t make your baby’s wardrobe full of them. They tend to be uncomfortable and won’t let your child have the same freedom to move that he would get with play clothes.Hats aren’t just for decoration or making a baby look cute. Your baby will need hats so make sure you buy at least a few when you do your infant boy clothing shopping. Baseball caps and fisherman’s hats protect your baby’s eyes from the sun and provide a natural shade that will keep his face out of the sun’s UV rays. Warm hats in the winter are needed to pull over your baby’s ears so that they don’t get cold since at that age they don’t have other means of protection from the cold, such as hair.Where you buy your infant boy clothing will affect you more than it will affect your baby. You will need to buy a lot of clothes because a baby grows rapidly and you need to be prepared. You’ll want a wide selection of clothes even if your baby will only be wearing them for one season because you never know if you’ll be traveling or what the weather conditions will be in the future. Typically a selection of shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, and pants are needed for day clothes. Also, be sure to have a few different options for sleepwear since a baby’s clothes can dirty easily and you’ll need a backup when others are being washed.

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